The rise of cryptocurrencies has made it possible for cybercriminals to make a profit using other people’s computing resources. In crypto-jacking attacks, users’ compute as well as their electricity is used to mine digital currencies, leading to quick, untraceable income for the miscreants. To thwart this stealthy threat, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Semnan University has developed an anti-crypto-jacking tool. This add-on aims to detect, issue warnings, and block crypto-mining websites. As crypto-mining scripts are hidden within javascript code and non-tech-savvy users cannot verify the source code of every page they visit, it is recommended to use this add-on, which automatically examines web pages.

The permissions required by the extension are as follows:

# Permission Description
1 Host Permission This permission is used to check the URL of the user`s page with the URL addresses in the white list.
2 Tabs This permission is used to get the URL of the user page, and send the URL to server and get name of broker as respond
3 Notification This permission is used to notify the user of whether the gateway is legal or forged, as well as announce extension updates.